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My Mosaic Story

Shattered by Divorce !

I never considered the fact that on my "life's road" I would hit a bump that almost spun me off the road and into a ditch.

One evening I got a phone call that shook the very foundation I was standing on. When the call ended I stood "gobsmacked!", like someone hit me in a dark alleyway with a baseball bat. I was broken and "divorce" was all that echoed in my head. I didn't understand, I was racing through different emotions on the inside and the high speed felt like it was drawing me into a "crash zone".

While I was praying I saw a picture of my life, I resembled a white porcelain vase moving from day to day. God was placing colourful pieces of porcelain inside me but there was no colour on the outside, as my life's journey, had not been easy. I saw a brick wall appear (the divorce) and I, the vase, hit into it and smashed into a million pieces, mixed colourful pieces on the floor. My life, my now, me ... broken by the divorce.

I said to God that I trusted Him to rebuild me and as I said this I saw a Hand from Heaven start to take various pieces of the broken porcelain and begin to build a Mosaic before me and then He said : "This is how your life will be from here on, broken, but with a picture of My restoration!" A Mosaic is made up of broken pieces, at first, one may only see the cracks, but as you move away (dealing with things), you begin to see a picture, and mine has unfolded into something so beautiful!

Your Mosaic may still be in the restoration process but it too can be beautiful. It's not an easy road, but having walked ahead of you I have learnt a few things and will assist wherever possible. (The Mosaic Divorce Life Coaching programme was developed as a result of my pain, process, healing and restoration.)

Mosaic Coaching Programme

We have been going for over a decade in various forms with the sole aim of playing a supportive and empowering role in the lives of those impacted by Divorce. Should you be at any stage in this process, and need help, then don't delay !

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F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be said that great things can come out of tragedy? Mine was a divorce, where I lost everything except the TV. Yours may be one of the many tragedies that hit people hard, most of the time leaving them winded and in shock! After walking a road in my own healing, as a wounded healer I set out to try make a difference by being different and it worked! The rest is history or rather my story but personal struggles and victories gained have aided me in being able to assist others in their journey. So years down the line , with programmes, courses, education qualifications and so on saw the development of Family Skills, an organization birthed out of the need of the many broken, hurting people who's paths I have crossed. Packaging the skills together and making there available has been the order of the day over the past 16 years. So today we stand in a place to assist as 'Coaches' and get you back to a place in 'the team'. We are a family together, though yours may be broken, together as pieces of the puzzle we can make sense of it all !
Life has empowered me through personal experience. Life has pressed and crushed me and oil has flowed that we will use to assist you with your wounds. It's about talking the talk because you got qualified walking the walk. Most importantly above all this is a very special mentoring and personal care.
You can expect the truth, undiluted. Real, Authentic, Straight talk ! It's this kind of talk that can get you to the place you need to be. You can take cognizance of all that has taken place, process it with a coach and embrace the change that is needed. We have the opportunity to be objective and the life experience and exposure to years in the field all come together to offer you a unique perspective in today's "multi-view, anything goes society". Visit this site with a need, a question. If you can't find it here drop us an email. But help you will find for we are bent on making a difference in the lives of broken, hurting, discouraged people. Life will deal its blows no one is exempt!.. There is a story of a man that on his journey got mugged, left on the ground bruised, bleeding and in pain many "respectables" of society walked past. We wont do that, but rather together we will asses the damage and plot a route to wholeness with you. Lets journey together and see you pass through all that I have know and arrive at a new place I now enjoy, it's Destiny and the view is Awesome !
There is an awesome statement that "we can't change what we don't acknowledge". Together we can look objectively at the uniqueness of your situation, evaluate it and with life experience, compassion and training, assist you in plotting the best route towards wholeness. We will never have all the answers but that is okay, when faced with a question mark or not sure of which turn to take, where we may not be able to help, we can rely on a GPS that will help guide you step by step along your journey. (GPS - God Positioning System)

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